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An agreement between Dr.

The Rush-Bagot Pact was an agreement between the United States and Great Britain to eliminate their fleets from the Great Lakes, excepting small patrol vessels. The Convention of 1818 set the boundary between the Missouri Territory in the United States and British North America (later Canada) at the forty-ninth parallel. ...

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In a written spousal agreement, Ms.

In addition to the implied exhaustion doctrine, the distributor may include patent licenses along with software. Whether shrink-wrap licenses are legally binding differs between jurisdictions, though a majority of jurisdictions hold such licenses to be enforceable. At particular issue is the difference in opinion between two US courts in Klocek ...

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Term of the Agreement.

Distribution agreements are an integral tool in the construction of a relationship between a distributor and a supplier. A well-written agreement can assist in developing that relationship. The agreement cannot extend the life of a relationship once the relationship expires. A poorly written agreement often leads to a legal quarrel ...

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It explicitly manages and deals with sale and agreement to sell.

Researches and compares title information and geography of new subdivision plats to determine possible coverage by existing development agreements and to minimize duplication of effort. We adopt the view of the majority of states and hold that, under the facts of this case, there was sufficient evidence to permit a ...

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